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Learning How to Swim: I have never thought I can do it!

For the record, I was already 27 when I earned how to swim. It will be best to start young, but it was never too late to start it when you are way older.

Here in Suriname, you have to travel more than 8 hours just to reach the bodies of the sea. So only pool resorts are the aids of learning how to swim. And only 1 was the nearest from where I stayed, @ Witte Lotus, Marowijne Straat. I grew up in a place where the sea is just 15 mins away, but never had the chance to learn how to do it.  Ironic isn’t it?

Well, that’s how life works. Maybe I was with wrong people to teach me how to do it.  Since I was working overseas, you tend to find activities that can be a little aid of homesickness & stress.  And swimming it is!

Because of my swimming buddies from Indonesia & Taiwan, I was able to manage how to control breathing, kick & paddle and a whole lot more. They were so patient with me. We go swimming every week ends. Well, it wasn’t a formal training, but it did help sooo much!

I’m sharing this experience not to brag about it ( ’cause there’s nothing to brag about my amateur swimming executions. lol )  but to show those people who are like, who was afraid to swim since existence. peace out guys! We can still do it at age 27! High Five!

Will keep posting swimming practices for more updates!

Learning How to Swim – week 1
This day was my 1st discovery that I was able to kick & paddle with out sinking from 3/4 side to side of the pool  ( 4 ft).

Learning How to Swim – week 2

Learning How to Swim – week 3

Learning How to Swim – week 4

Learning How to Swim – week 5


Me and MY Music♩♪♫♬

Me and MY Music♩♪♫♬
I really can’t help singing when it starts it’s rhythm.

Turn up the Volume: ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ █ 100 %


I love to listen to music. It tells my story. Well. most of them not, ’cause not all of them i have experienced of course. But a lot really had something to tell us, that we even feel like experiencing the words every line. There is always something worth behind the melody. Even worth than the singer/song writer. Its the thought that lies behind those cursive lines utter, regardless of techno-advanced beat used or percussion. I believe music moved us in different way. Some may be be carried by the tune…others might feel how it is sang.. or through a popular singer might be. BUT best are the words.. as it tells you a story. It made me feel like i was singing the  highest notes it could be. Feel how it the song ougth to be. I love my music.. It makes me feel ME..<3

Keep playing♩♪♫♬…



Positive Hearts this February

Positive Hearts this February

♪I can take the distance
I can take the miles
I can take the time
Until the next time I see you smile
I can take the distance
And I’m not ashamed
-few revisions from song The Distance by Evan and Jaron

We might be miles apart. But distance never measures our love. It’s in the ♥. Keep it burning, keep it alive… You can never tell who’s destine to be your pair forever, until you take choices. I chose him. And i will always be choosing same. Though waters are in between, i’ll be waiting.
They say long distance relationships never last,
We’ll prove them WRONG .♥