Canibad- Samal Island, Davao

Hey, It’s been a while… I have not been posting my adventures. This summer, I had my greatest escape from work! yeah! And you should too!..We all deserve to get freed from pressures. And beaches are the most aid to your dripping crave for FUN and excitement.

Lock your vault. Shutdown your computer. Leave alone your pen and coffees and pack your jaw-dropping swim wears. It’s time for a Summer Escapade!Feel the heat of May… Show some skin… Get your eyes surrounded by stunning blue waters in different shades – Light blue to emerald to blue to dark …

Let me take you to one of the most amazing views of Samal, Philippines. One of the untouched beauty of seas from all over the Pinas.

Canibad Beach Resorts is like an hour travel from Sasa Warf,Davao City. How we get there?, First, I would like to mention these two beautiful ladies with me going there, Christine Carreon and Marie Berthe Cubal . I was with Christine on a bus heading to Penaplata. We never thought how crowded it is inside, we’re packed like sardines. Well, its a peak season. Better that way than never getting there. Marie was not able to ride with us on a barge. She was after us in a pump-boat. Bus cost us Php40 and pumpboat cost Php20 fare.  After landling on the Island we ride a so called Habal-habal, a motorcycle ride customized to fit for the rough ride uphill, bale diyes (10) nalay plite ,mura nag Off-road na dalan. But despite that long, bumpy ride, it pays out when you got there.The sea was so irresistible.  The waters are so clear divided on three shades. The first two meters are good for kids and non-swimmer adults (present!). Beyond, that was i think 5’2 onwards depth.

Canibad has white sand, fine sand and pebbly on some sides. Our cottage was on the center of the Canibad Cove named Canibad Secret Paradise Resort . Let me show you some of the resort photos:


There’s not much resorts on the area. But each has a lot of cottages. Some are on hills, most are on shore sides (air-conditioned and non-air cottages). Electricity is already available. Wala nga lang videoke doon,hehe … There were no amenities such as wall climbing, ATV rides, Slides, classy restaurants and other extreme beach activities like other resorts in Samal. BUT, if you love the sea, you will really enjoy there, as it is their most valued spot. Canibad’s pride was really their cold-clear splashing water. Take a look at these great-shots-on-great-spot-photos:



See?It is not much developed but you will certainly enjoy in the water. MAGTAMPISAW! 😉 We did not get the chance to stay overnight. But rooms and tents are available there ranging from Php1,500- 1,800 per night. I think tents are free. Open cottages costs only 300/day and 500 for overnight. Entrance fee, is Php30 only at Secret Paradise, dunno with the others.

You will definitely love to take pictures everywhere. Great captures from the cliff side . You can jump off from that 20ft (est.) high cliff. Shot your most “Gentleman” pose , such as this     The water under this photo is like 4ft depth. ImageYou can easily reach this huge stone without drowning (great news for non-swimmers like me 🙂 ). You could also see a lot of small fishes under this rock. Fast swimming fishes i can hardly catch. You can try also to jump from that cliff at our back. Pero malalim na jan… How i wish i was able to capture a Jump-Shot from that cliff. 

And oh! I mentioned about amenities above, right? I forgot to tell that there’s one slightly-extreme activity there.  Hand-made. Simple but rocks! It could cost your knees bleed if not done well (LOL, just as i did) .

I tried  my best to swing as smoothly just
as Tabing-Ilog days. Too ambitious,
I fell off my knee. Good thing i was not hurt..okay, a little –



  Yeah right, i know your laughing out there, I’ll
help you out, hahahahhahaha! happy?

These are really a day worth remembering… That’s why i made this post. To share to you what I have experience. Might as well I could give you enough reasons to live life to the fullest. I do not do things this much. I seldom take adventures. Not because I am afraid.  But because I was reprimanded. I know whatthey are thinking, and I now much what i can do. I can handle things. And i hate it when they insisted their fear. It wasn’t my FEAR. IT WAS THEIRS… I appreciate their care, pero “iniiwas nyo ako n maging ako” charrrrot! got that line from Must Be Love, starring my kaloka-like Kathryn Bernardo, bwahahaha! Stop the drama. I am not yet done with my narration . I should keep going. I want to keep it all detailed, coz I wanted this experience to last. People always has short memories, and I don’t want my Canibad Escapade to effaced just as the waters erased my writings on the sand (another drama,lol)..

Well, going forward … Let’s talk about more under the sun. But I am much excited to tell that Marie complained about her overpriced pad purchased. haha!  What do you expect? your paying fare for that merchandise to get there. 😀 …

Good thing with waters there, is it doesn’t create sun burn unlike other beaches. Well, sunblock is still the best way to get rid of them. But, unfortunately, Tin saw a jelly fish daw doon, but was like an inch and a half small. And got rashes the next day. hehe.. Ok lang yan Tin.. Pero siya raman pod, kami wala mi kitag jelly fish.

By 8pm, we headed to the barge already. We are actually planning to transfer to Seagrass and spend the night there. But our way out from Canibad, had changed our minds. The path was creepy and dark, not much houses on the first kilometer away from the resort. I really suggest you stay there for the night if you are too afraid of the dark. And so, we headed to the Bus with our panligo on, wala man mi nag-ilis kay we thought we will transfer to another resort . Ending, basa pa ang shorts pauli. hahaha!

So much for that. Our pictures will tell you more of what happened there. Check below:
Hope you had your most memorable Summer this year,too! Thanks for reading.


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