Screenshot_2015-10-25-23-53-40Manila Ocean Park was located at 666, Behind Quirini Grandstand, Luneta Manila, Metro Manila. As the map shows, Manila Ocean Park is beside the Manila Bay. It  is the biggest state-of-the-art oceanarium in the Philippines, with thousands of varieties of water creatures. It is best for kids and child heart adults.

It was my first time to visit the place together with Jimmy. It wasn’t even planned. I was at Divisoria and he had an appointment somewhere in Kalaw, for his medical. We just meet at UN Station and had some heavy snacks. After a while, he was inviting me a walk at Luneta. From UN station, we walked through TM Kalaw, passed by Riizal Park then headed to Luneta.


After taking some pictures, Jimmy decided to Manila Ocean Park. We were excited about it, and we crossed the highway right infront of Luneta, and headed to Quirino Grandstand, then finally to the Manila Ocean Park. It was soo crowded with kids having a field trip.
FB_IMG_1441123710077After a long wait, we finally got our ticket and hurried inside the facility.


FB_IMG_1441123739187At the lobby, you can see souvenire stores and restaurants. We didnt have more time to explore the lobby so we hurried our way to the oceanarium. Even on the entrance, there were already interesting fishes welcoming you. It was my First time to see as large as that live and near.

As we move along, there were a lot of small species on separate aquariums. And we enjoyed so much taking pictures. Seeing various species i never thought i could see it live ang closer.


As you go deep into the tunnel. Fishes had also grown bigger abd bigger in sizes. From small, comes the medium in sizes.


As you go ahead, you will be directed to an amazing tunnel where you can see fishes swimming on top of you. It was so much fun. There are a lot of fishes that arent familiar and teey look really amazing.




It indeed feels like a child when you are there. You can see full smiles from the little ones. And you feel also their energy as they run around the corner as they tried to follow the fishes inside the huge aquarium.

After that, we proceed upstairs for a whole new adventure, the Trails to Antarctic. From the title itself, it sounds cool. But is was so much cooler when you see real penguins swimming imside a medium aquarium. And taht cooll view had turned to be freezing, as you enter their Antarctic room. It wasnt so big, and was full of ice. You can see ice smoke as you talk inside. Like you see on movies from winter areas.



FB_IMG_1441123977211The fun doesnt stop there as we still jave one more ticket to enjoy, the Musical Fountain Show. It was scheduled early evening so thlights will be more appreciated. The lne was so long. But it was worth the wait. It was breath-taking. There were lessons portryed. And the transition of water and music, air/smoke and fire.. it was all awesome! Unfortunately, i deleted tbe video. But is was very stunning. Perfect for a full relaxation. I really dream that i cod take my whole family and even the extended ones there. Trully a perfect gift for ny season.

You can check out more photos below:


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