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“What does He says?”, She says…

He says “Hi”,she said, “Hey!”
He played. She play fair.
He says safe, She stays the same.
What do these words shows?
How things gone far from rough things She knew?.
Crafts are shared.
Faith spilled.
She listens,.. He, too.
A compliment shows
In contrast with two.

You are a good one.
Elite with life”s bounty
But recognize it humbly.
You were tough,
You don’t care.
You have not seen you angry either way.
Perhaps, life is too short to get pissed.
Too complex to hiss.

But gone are the days
To shoot out things in open.
Laughing, goofing and singing…
That song had been broken.
A vivid silence, yet vague.
Compromises something She don’t want.

Where were you, when you’re actually there.
She’s a friend.
And forever be still.
Your blood, she thought same with him.
But was not ’till the depths of tree was unguarded.

Had slap her entirely on face.
Things change.. thick changes.
She maybe part of it in some moments,
But later she do not.
Please tell, please abrupt.
Hindi ako mangkukulam,manghuhula o Dr. Kwak.
She says hey! He draw mad.
Showing his face tattered.
An ugly gesture of a prince frog.

What does He says?.
Shes puzzled.
What does He thinks of her
That made joy gobbled by fear.
Poor her..
Crazy She (for thinking things intensively).


Greatness comes within

Photo by Nalphotography

Greatness Comes Within

Tiny thin ant maybe.
Shallow as the shattered dream.
Green Red White and Blue.
But Orange shines a shadow.

Tiny, thin ant maybe.
A physique non heavy.
But wait til you see
Fifty times my weigh,can carry.

I do not believe strength as a power
But a will to conquer.
I do not believe either in intelligence
But, again, WILL does.

My legs are short and thin
No wings, no paws, no gills.
Can’t roar ,can’t swim, can’t fly.
Not  even grass eaten.

But see? I have gone this far.
Strived to see what it feels like
To be on top, to be at stake
Against the blowing air .

I might be small
But i can be great
Just as any of you
Who have faith.

We can do great things out of how small we are
If we keep the Faith and believe.
If we keep the will to do it.
Let the fire burning from within.


In The Eyes of A Child

Photo by Nalphotography

In the eyes of a Child

Look closely.
A vivid innocence
Sweat as a morning dew.
A soft focus
Sight of a pure ideation.

Who could ever hate
These soft puffed chicks.
Lips so kissable
Untouched of the world’s beast.

Who could ever guess
How can they do best.
Where should they be heading.
Which way to cling.

This eyes do not deserve the truth.
Wishing them a perfect realm
Entitled to idealism.

But reality bites.
Can not be deserted.
These eyes will soon ponder
Grow wide and wider
Even the widest will be conquered.

Softness turn sharp.
Reasons has filled these kissable mouth.
Innocence turn vague
Teeth can bite back.

So i plead.
Let us keep them with love
Unfathomable as God’s.

Keep them follow
What ought to be us.
And not the “We”
Who rebel and fuss.

They’re our future
They’re our guards
To keep this world live
To keep it alive.
Tilting in its most convinience
Far from calamities and blood.

These eyes are the future decisions.
The final says of laws to pursue.
Provisions that are just and true.

Let us all be a good example
Let us all make it through
Keep them up and warming
For positive breakthroughs.


Iskolar ng Bayan

Iskolar ng Bayan

Iskolar ako, iskolar ka din ba? Kanino? Sa kanya? “Ngayung papalapit ang eleksyon, iboto dapat siyang nagpapaaral” Eh hindi naman nya pera ‘yun diba? Lingid sa kaalaman ng marami, na pera yun nang mga taong nagbabayad ng buwis mula sa kinikita. Ngayung eleksyon, bumoto ng may sariling paninindigan. Huwag magpadala sa mga sugo ng mga buwayang nagpapahaba ng buntot para sa pera. Iskolar ka ng Bayan, hindi ke Kongresman. Iskolar ka ng Bansa, hindi tuta.

Well-well-well, actually, hindi ako naging iskolar ng Gobyerno, pero kalimitan, nangyayari ito.
  – Anntidote◘

Bride of the Second Millennia

Here comes the bride
All dressed in white
Yonder is the groom
Stood heavily, seemed doom.

See mother cry.
Look! Father is shy.
Everybody’s making faces
As she’s walking down the aisle.

Hail the brides of history
Shunned disgrace and rumor
Shame the brides of today
Hail the discreet humor.

Down there the groom
Oh, so young to be sensible
Waiting for his wife to be
A bride at eighteen per se.

Here comes the bride
Beautifully in white
Here comes the bride
Three months inside.

Sad but true…