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The Player & The Baby Sitter (Short Story)

Title: The Player & The Baby Sitter ( A Wattpad Story)

Author: itsanntidote ⓒ

Danreb, who never take serious relationships, hired a baby sitter for his daughter, Anne. But will he keep a shady relationship as the days unveil the beauty of an American-Japanese girl who started a hard life in California?

How can LOVE changes choices…how can LOVE grows…How can their hearts meet mutual despite baggages and trials in the line. Will there’s  still be a happy ending behind the ugly truths unravelling?

LOVE is a universal language.  It is something felt unconditional described even without a single word. Journey with them as Aki struggle life and how it has maked a way to Danreb’s heart.

CHAPTER 1: A Beautiful Memory

CHAPTER 2: The Big Trouble at Taylor’s

CHAPTER 3: Touch Down California

CHAPTER 4: The Kidnap Plan

CHAPTER 5: Anne is Lost

CHAPTER 6: The Perfect Baby Sitter

CHAPTER 7: The Fast Money

CHAPTER 8: The Dirty Secret Money

CHAPTER 9: The Agreement

CHAPTER 10: The Unexpected

CHAPTER 11: The Mysterious Guy, Kaoru

CHAPTER 12: The First Kiss On The First Day Babby Sit

CHAPTER 13: The Father’s Wrath

CHAPTER 14:.The  Story Behind The Sunda Night With Kaoru

CHAPTER 15: Aki wtnessed a Steamy Making Out of Danreb

CHAPTER 16: Aki’s Secrets were Revealed

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