Welcome to my virtual world!

Itsanntidote is like a place for me to do a lot of things. A lot of things that I also wanted to share whether it’s life experiences, literary, arts and fashion, travel and tours and a whole lot more. It is like an antidote to the venoms of my conventional living.

Keeping track of the things I enjoyed throughout the years makes me feel young and unforgotten. And so I made this site to keep all memories of who I was, I am, and who I wanna be.

Expressed through writings, photos and video clips, I hope that this hubby of blogging will also inspire YOU to keep your experiences for life and share things to the world.

“Because life is merely breathing if it wasn’t shared. And every good memories are meant to live even you are not able to remeber”.

Catch fun ideas and stories from this BLOG! Select from the Categories on the left or hover at the top menu.

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