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The Player & The Baby Sitter (Short Story)

Title: The Player & The Baby Sitter ( A Wattpad Story)

Author: itsanntidote ⓒ

Danreb, who never take serious relationships, hired a baby sitter for his daughter, Anne. But will he keep a shady relationship as the days unveil the beauty of an American-Japanese girl who started a hard life in California?

How can LOVE changes choices…how can LOVE grows…How can their hearts meet mutual despite baggages and trials in the line. Will there’s  still be a happy ending behind the ugly truths unravelling?

LOVE is a universal language.  It is something felt unconditional described even without a single word. Journey with them as Aki struggle life and how it has maked a way to Danreb’s heart.

CHAPTER 1: A Beautiful Memory

CHAPTER 2: The Big Trouble at Taylor’s

CHAPTER 3: Touch Down California

CHAPTER 4: The Kidnap Plan

CHAPTER 5: Anne is Lost

CHAPTER 6: The Perfect Baby Sitter

CHAPTER 7: The Fast Money

CHAPTER 8: The Dirty Secret Money

CHAPTER 9: The Agreement

CHAPTER 10: The Unexpected

CHAPTER 11: The Mysterious Guy, Kaoru

CHAPTER 12: The First Kiss On The First Day Babby Sit

CHAPTER 13: The Father’s Wrath

CHAPTER 14:.The  Story Behind The Sunda Night With Kaoru

CHAPTER 15: Aki wtnessed a Steamy Making Out of Danreb

CHAPTER 16: Aki’s Secrets were Revealed

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“What does He says?”, She says…

He says “Hi”,she said, “Hey!”
He played. She play fair.
He says safe, She stays the same.
What do these words shows?
How things gone far from rough things She knew?.
Crafts are shared.
Faith spilled.
She listens,.. He, too.
A compliment shows
In contrast with two.

You are a good one.
Elite with life”s bounty
But recognize it humbly.
You were tough,
You don’t care.
You have not seen you angry either way.
Perhaps, life is too short to get pissed.
Too complex to hiss.

But gone are the days
To shoot out things in open.
Laughing, goofing and singing…
That song had been broken.
A vivid silence, yet vague.
Compromises something She don’t want.

Where were you, when you’re actually there.
She’s a friend.
And forever be still.
Your blood, she thought same with him.
But was not ’till the depths of tree was unguarded.

Had slap her entirely on face.
Things change.. thick changes.
She maybe part of it in some moments,
But later she do not.
Please tell, please abrupt.
Hindi ako mangkukulam,manghuhula o Dr. Kwak.
She says hey! He draw mad.
Showing his face tattered.
An ugly gesture of a prince frog.

What does He says?.
Shes puzzled.
What does He thinks of her
That made joy gobbled by fear.
Poor her..
Crazy She (for thinking things intensively).