Pagsanjan Falls , Cavinti Laguna

“When I was in my 4th grade, you are just a picture. 
On my silver yr, you were true and astonishing.”

 It was a loooong walk down, but it was never a dull experience… Oct 4, 2014, we have planned for a weekend escaped to Pagsanjan Falls! Five of us..unfortunately, 2 run down and 3 of us continued the journey. Afterall, THREE is HAPPY -with Jimmy Ventic Jr & Reynalin Jadulos 🙂 🙂

You probably are very interested with Falls by considering my blog. You are on the right track! Pagsan Falls is visited by almost a thousand tourist everyday.  Surprised? It’s true. We had some little chitchat with our guide and he revealed t’was a tiring work to assist this huge  number of visitors daily. Just imagine how beautiful it is to receive such traffic!

By reading more down, we will share you our adventurous experience, breathtaking views, and CHEAP expense. You heard it right, it had cost us only around Php600 each for a very memorable moment.  Just a heads-up, we are taking you via Vertical Trek. From Calamba to Pueblo El Salvador downward trek for first 100 steps, then rappelling for like a 3 story building high and another 500 steps going down which ended another rappelling (this time its shorter). Few steps down and you are already on your way to the falls.

The sun is up and bright, its 7:00am. After a quick breakfast we headed to a fastfood chain to buy food for our lunch. We were able to catch a bus from Waltermart, Calamba, DLTB Bus line going Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Fare is P61. Buses going there are wifi, so you can pull up your GPS to help you out. The ride took an hour going to Sta. Cruz bus terminal.

DEPARTURE. From there you will ride a jeepney heading Cavinti. Note that jeepneys heading Cavinti are passing through the other side of the terminal. Fare is 25 per person. So don’t be fooled by some dispatchers who are offering P100 each person for a tricycle ride from there up to Pueblo El Salvador. Going to Cavinti, you will stop on the junction where you can find a cemetery beside the road. There’s a sign board there written TO PEUBLO EL SALVADOR. But unluckily we were not able to catch it immediately, so we passed though it for (just) a short distance and walk towards the junction. From there we ride a tricycle heading to Pueblo El Salvador. It only cost P25 per person.    NOTE. Once you get there, ASK the contact number of the driver so you can call him to fetch you when you’ll leave Pueblo El Salvador. You cannot find other tricycles going back, there. Good for those who have their own private cars.

Upon entering, approach the attendant from the first building, there you can pay your entrance fee of P270 per person. We were advised to leave other unnecessary things on that building and changed clothes ready for splashing wet adventure! Indeed if unnecessary, don’t bring it with you. It would be tough for you to have lots of load on a vertical trek.

Luckily since we arrived first on that day, we ride on a motorcycle going down from the entrance. Energy-saving!haha, instead of walking down 10 mins. Good job early birds!

After your first 100 steps, you will experience a rappelling for a bout 20-30 ft high.. take a look:
10678499_787848877920497_557473045155553396_n 10689809_787848891253829_3924585143342470607_n
FUN isn’t it?  Don’t worry it safe.

Then multiple hundreds of steps again going down watch our video:
(video to be uploaded soon)












10153653_843409205699469_7482856305675129556_n 10710638_843410089032714_8843196548918830443_n

It was quite a long journey before you can reach the falls, a lot of step down, rest whiles, more water and cardio exercise. So i recommend those with asthma, you can take the boat ride from Pagsanjan instead of taking the vertical trek. Or for those who do not, you may have some cardio exercise days before this adventure, to ready your legs. I’m not exagerating it, but just of course, safety first.  But for healthy ones, good for you. But actually for those with heavy weights, you can still survive the trek. I have seen many there ranging from 90-100 kls 🙂


On the ground. Finally! after 500 steps

Take a turn left and you will see this very magical falls. The sun raise are so amazing. Not too radiant, you can actually see some particles on air which feels like glitters around the corner. It was sooo beautiful, very peaceful like undiscovered places on the history or in movies. (Maybe because not too crowded yet, that’s why i feel that way). I really suggest you to go there early .

10700186_843414439032279_4664109639709981098_o10687869_843416165698773_8346609284368820717_o 10689645_787848784587173_5994467036389244020_n 10726388_877142275631324_1773788244_n10714877_877136905631861_62947542_n
I HAVE NOT JUST STARTED. Wait ’till you get to that falls experience! You’ll scream your heart out as you cross between those waters falling harshly on your skin. But I don’t know why it feels so amazing. It doesn’t hurt much though.

You will ride on a bamboo raft guided by those hunks in the picture 😀 .. they will pull of the rope so you could get right into that falling water going inside the cave called The Devil’s Cave. I have  no idea why it was called as such but definitely doesn’t look like hell of course. It was just dark.

On our way to YOU.
This bamboo raft could carry upto 15 heads together. Luckily on our first try, we’re not too crowded. There’s lot of space when you feel like goofing around the raft. (but i bet you wont do that if its your first time).

GOT TO GO. On our first try, were not able to take pictures. We did not bring with us a camera for safety reasons. You can not take back your cellphone if it falls between the ride. The middle is about 70 ft depth. If something falls from there. You’ll never had a chance, but cry hahaha. That’s the reason behind the life vest.

When we got back, cheers to our big smiles! The water is very very cold. But not freezing. 10728860_877136892298529_1695698152_n

After our first try, we had some early lunch. You should bring with you lots of water and food since there are no other vendors selling goods from there.

Eat well mah-ladies!Mama’s not here. lol

During lunch, the place gets crowded slowly. All from different nationalities; Koreans, Ausies, Chinese, Americans, Turkish (maybe), Black Americans also. Most of them took the 1 hr boating from Pagsanjan Resorts (not the vertical trek from Pueblo El Salvador). The water are more cooler than the first time. And we were already brave enough to bring with us a camera inside a loafbread cellophane.

Inside the Devil’s Cave.
974706_877139455631606_1865723290_n 10574747_877139438964941_283041486_n10720932_877139968964888_1855721599_n10726227_877139468964938_917271810_n 10726253_877139318964953_888934694_n

 Even you are inside the cave, waters are still flashing around. So if your phone is not water resistant better NOT BRING IT WITH YOU.
YOU will just loose all your photos. Better if you have a waterproof clear case that could protect your cellphone/cameras from moist and water flashes.

We are the first one who took our way 7574_875863319092553_5915974716372135486_nback to the entrance. You will take same road going up. It would cause some delays if there were groups coming down . You will wait till they have all been dropped down. You will all be using same rappel. So one at a time. When you get to the entrance you can give additional 100-150 as token for your guide (the one who took you all the way to the falls, he’ll be with you up until you’ll leave the area).

By 1pm we called our contact driver to fetch us from Peublo El Salvador and headed our way back to a jeepney terminal going Bus Terminal.

From there,  we approached a bus heading Calamba and dropped at Crossing.

It was a very fun experience. A worthwhile one for a very inexpensive value.  Inexpensive because we took the vertical trek. But by boat from Pagsanjan, you will pay about 1,500 per pax, boat rental. All in all, was about Php 600 only.

So if your planning an adventure, have your feet ready for a VERTICAL TREK at Cavinti.

Hope you enjoy reading! Thanks!

More fun pictures below:

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