The Streets of Suriname: The Largest Wooden Cathedral in the World

It is believed to be nearly 31.50 % of the total population of the world is Christianity. And rest of the half is divided amongst different religions in the world. Let me take you to the Streets of Suriname: The Largest Wooden Cathedral in the World

As Christianity has widely spread everywhere, many places have built amazing designs of Churches base from various inspiration. I found this one of a kind masterpiece of Cathedral that was hailed The Largest Wooden Cathedral in the World. This Cathedral is Basilica of Saint Peter and Paul also called Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral. It is located in the center of the capital city of Paramaribo, Suriname.

The front view of St. Peter & Paul Cathedral

The cathedral celebrates Eucharistic mass in Dutch language since this is their national language. However, this cathedral doesn’t offer English mass.

But other churches such as St. Rosa Kerk offers English Mass for foreign people. Mass here is sometimes Saturday ( 7PM) or Sunday (11:45 AM). It makes me proud to say that most of the people who attend the english mass are mostly from my country, Philippines. The choir are all Filipinos as well. And the priest was always proud of them because they all have amazing voices. St. Rosa Kerk , a wooden churh as well, is located at PrincenStraat, Paramaribo Suriname.

St. Rosa Church, PrincenStraat Paramaribo Suriame

Take a tour around the streets of Suriname as we stopped by The Largest Wooden Cathedral in the World . Watch below!


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