DIY ripped black skinny jeans

Here’s how I manage to do my own version of ripped jeans. Note that this is actually my first one so basically I didn’t know what are the necessary things to do, so I didn’t expect it to be perfect.

I got:

◽a pair of scissors (sharp one)

◽black skinny jeans ( I bought from UKAY-UKAY)

◽a spoon

What I did, I wore the tight jeans. Wearing it could give you a balance view to measure on where to rip the best part, since we have different likings to which part of the legs to show off. When identified, cut it from side to side or at any lenght you want. As to mine, I cut it althrough the front, at the knee part. I cut like 0.3 cm thick of the fabric and do the same with the other leg.

I added 2 more short cuts above the right knee rip to add more sassy style. You can add as much as you want if you wanted it more stylish. Just be careful, there should be no room for mistakes, every cut will never be undone.

After cutting, take it off. Scrape off the edges of the cut part using a spoon to produce  some tattered effect on the jeans.

And that’s it! In an instant, I got my DIY ripped black skinny jeans. So simple and it only costs me Php 115.


If you feel unsure of doing it correctly, better off try an old jeans or buy something from UKAY just as I did than trying directly on your signature pants. Practice makes perfect! Thanks for reading!



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