Dahilayan Forest & Adventure Park, Bukidnon

1622201_10203021936446907_2134430547_nWelcome to DAHILAYAN!
Let me take you to one of Mindanao’s tourist most visited high grounds.  And this is how we spent our Valentines (2013)..

When I first saw the movie of KC Conception and Sam Milby, titled Forever and A Day last 2011, I was  21 back then, I fell inlove with the location (not much with the story, its a sad love story because KC has to die) they are shooting . Later i knew it was at Bukidnon. By then I promise to myself I really want to go there and try all there adventurous amenities (I ❤ adventures!) , later I will tell you more stories about that.

3 years after (2014), God was so generous when I was able to put those almost-forgotten dream, to realize. Our SFC International Conference will be held at Cagayan De Oro City. Since Bukidnon is just right before Cagayan de Oro, we had some side trips going to Dahilayan Forest & Adventure Park.

1622268_676435589061827_1534092983_nNow, I feel like shooting Forever in A Day .. Oh, where’s my SAM MILBY??

Everything was beautiful. Green, Cool, Fresh Air.. All very relaxing in the eyes. We have passed one house there that you would feel like you were in some other places like those  old movies of France, +++ the climate, perfect!

When we get there, we were on a van. Buses could not move in , i believe, because the  road was too narrow & slippery so if you plan to have your vacation there, better yet ride on multiple vans if you were too many.

When you get there, approaching the entrance you’ll see side vendors selling sweet corn, and other fresh fruits. Prices are quite higher but not too expensive.  And by the way, NO ENTRANCE FEE at Adventure Park ONLY at Forest Park for Php 100, both have separate entrance.  The Forest Park comes right after the Adventure Park. You are free to take pictures anywhere.  Only the rides has tickets. Mostly costs from Php 250-700.

I’ll take you where you can experience fun and challenging rides from there.

 You can also have horse-back riding from outside the park at Php 20 only. These are not too tall horses, very friendly they’re not gonna kick you off hahaha. I can tell, see these photos:



400671_676410015731051_1170435596_n 1604885_676409985731054_19554313_n 1620356_676409489064437_1914246166_n 1623588_10203021950407256_702145898_n 1625559_10203021943567085_1055325834_n 1656097_10203021945327129_778460802_n







Restaurants are available also inside.  Hotels for those who’d like to stay few days there, are just around the corner.

Let our photos tell you more! Thanks for reading! 🙂

1011680_676410425731010_2060431866_n 1013315_676410345731018_2053792102_n 1014168_676435515728501_923388464_n 1511450_10203023897535933_706712196_n 1609865_10203021934086848_2104800653_n 1656373_676435425728510_677196602_n 1743486_676409819064404_1376321889_n 1743626_10203021935246877_1872150491_n 1795626_676409785731074_1062623244_n 1797981_676409599064426_1061652414_n 1800357_10203023898855966_764995864_n 1932233_676410525731000_1095079792_n 1972281_676409749064411_1048021918_n


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