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Spell KZ? it’s X.F.A.C.T.O.R (a new antidote to Philippine music)

KZ Tandingan and Allen Sta. Maria on Intro- At Presscon performance. ( You can view more on her live performances on XFactor Stage on the liked Titles as you read below)

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I’m a proud Cousin..on second degree. And I’m a FAN! a big FAN on all degrees. KZ definitely proves herself. Without any bias , i know blood is thicker than water, but her voice was really very very amazing. When she sings, it comes from the heart. Alam mo yung feeling na ramdam mo s’ya? A feeling like you can do same thing. But you  I actually do not know how  to sing as superb like that. I feel the emotions that the song it trying to tell, even you have not experienced the message. But because  how she delivers, you’re carried away. I never thought that same girl i used to play with before is now on X-FACTOR Philippines. . .driving us KZ. She surprised us on her audition piece – Somewhere Over the Rainbow, own version at Davao del Sur Colliseum. Unfortunately, i wasn’t there because that same day, i was hired on my new job. The first week was a soft show from KZ’s The Show rendition. “Great things comes from small packages” as Martin Nieverra stressed on her first live show performance on XF stage. And from a soft broadway  jumps up on a ballad song For Once In My Life on her second week. It showed a different side coming out from her shell. More surprisingly when she had her third week performance . Perfectly arranged…furnished…very KZ In The End, original rock by Linkin Park. This  version…really rocks! My best friend Althea loves it soooo much! And when she does, that is definitely a unmatched. But my top most pick is the OPM song on the 5th week Huling Elbimbo. I love the original version of this song. But when I heard KZ doing her own version, i got hooked playing it again and again and again. Hoping this was her original song ( No offense with EHEADS, i love all your songs!I’m a fan). I was sad with the following week ‘coz I did not get the chance to view it on that performance day. That was a tribute to Amy Winehouse. Kz began moving this time. KZ got the moves. She’s actually part of a dance crew on Davao. She can do hiphop. She would love to be with Gary V so she’ll showcase dancing while singing too. But i guess Charice is doing a different image. There’s still ample weeks to show what KZ got. Beware finals (evil grin). We traveled back on 80’s last week on her Eternal Flame revision. “You will definitely forget who originally sang the song” says Charice. Indeed, ‘coz i really don’t know who does that originally :D.

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How to write a column

 How to write a column?

         Before discussing the details of a good Column writing, let us talk about “What is a column?” . A column is an article written by a Columnist.


           But I believe you don’t have to be a columnist in a news paper just to write a column. It’s an art of writing which is personality-driven. It features a thing/happening that are, most preferably facts, free from any misstatements or biases though primarily contains an opinion of the writer.

“How can it be free from biases, when it’s from an opinion?”

I wonder same thing. But that is definitely not a problem. You can always be objective with your opinion. Bring out the balance of ideas, presenting both views of pros and cons. With Good Column writing, you must possess the following, these are few but enough to create your own good Column;

Communicate well with your words – choose your words that best capture the interest of a reader, and not superfluous. Write as if talking to a person, casually.

Be Straightforward – always go straight to your point of view, don’t let your reader travel around a square when in fact there’s a hypotenuse.

Know your Topic very well – the knowledge on your issue being discussed doesn’t end with what, where and when. You should learn how, why, and how come. Information presented must be supported with facts and documents, so with sources of information. Get across all angles, don’t focus on 1 side of the issue. Draw an eagle eye on it. Wear a devil’s advocate to identify weakness/strengths of both sides of issue.

No conflict of Interest – As the question above suggest, how can this be possible when it’s actually personality driven? A conflict of interest is between two particulars, one could greatly affects the decision of the other. So beware of taking sides for an internal benefit. You took away Independence/Objectivity when there’s a conflict of interest.

Be Unique, Choose A good Topic – Plagiarism is one most to consider when writing an article. It must not be copied-pasted from other write-ups. And of course, a good catchy, timely topic discussed always plays an important role for your article to be interesting. We all wanted to read for entertainment, for new learning and new arguments that somehow stimulates us to react and to ponder.

These are just few but most necessary to be able to create a good Column . Remember always that when we throw our words, it’s ours. We are accountable of it. The responsibility lies every strokes of these alphabets. So be careful. This is not just writing yourself. It’s writing ideas. And yours might be negatively directing.

Speak-out! Share it. Who knows. Everybody’s loving it. All the best for all Columnist.

Music from the heart

Tell me what you want to hear…
Something that were like those years
I’m sick of all the insincere
So I’m gonna give all my secrets away
This time
Don’t need another perfect line
Don’t care if critics ever jump in line
I’m gonna give all my secrets awaySECRETS by ONE REPUBLIC 

Music comes from the heart. It an expression of what you wanted to show what words can’t utter, but melody do…
Reveal..relieve..relish the sound of music as it touches our soul..deep and dealt..