Maxima Aqua Fun Adventure

“Its all worth the money spent…all to risk the sleepless night…and the lie behind the “team building” i reasoned out.”

The moment i stepped on the Fairy boat, nothing’s going to stop me. Samal here I come! Everything’s FIRST. New companies. New experience. First even to have my Php 66.67-glasses on. Funny yeah, but nothings more funny than having the fear of drowning amidst the safe trip going there. Don’t blame me, I can’t swim. This life vest is my sole refuge. Nyahaha! (o^v^o)

Getting back to the trip. We were headed straight through the dock. Finally, pictures I’ve seen before are getting real. ”  Hala, katung silde oh” first thing comes out on my mouth. But i never thought, the excitement turn be on the contrary when i tried getting into that slide. MAKABUN-OG. X(

This is the best part for me. Jumping into the 20 ft (& more) from the diving board. An unexplainable feeling of throwing yourself against the space, holding your breath till it takes you “UNDERGROUNDkung si Marie pay paisturyahon. This is really a fulfillment. I never.. again, NEVER had a chance to swim on such depth. Life vest your a wish come true. Aaaaaaylabyu!

I really had sooooo much fun. And i would love to go there again! I wanted to try diving headfirst. I wanted to experience that HMF-expensive-Banana Boat. I wanted to try swimming life vest free ( sounds like swimming LIFE FREE). But i wanted to dare… Dare to get bare… Bare body underwater…Underwater nga Underground (If you know what i mean). It’s really one of the best escape i ever had. An escaped from work and family. An escape from what i have used to be –  a laid-scared-sleepy-damsel.

More Photos from here:


” Great Escape”


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