EPOL FALLS, Marilog District

It was not an easy road to take, but the end could steal your breath awake. #amazingcreation

Journey with us as we unveil this wonderful falls from Marilog District Davao City.

In celebration of the 3rd generous years of Supreme Support Service , we headed to Marilog District going southwest of Davao. We had our pictorial as official photos of the current members of the org. It was my first time. I just joined them about a 3 months and yet they were so accommodating and friendly. Supreme Support Service are  a group of virtual assistant on different fields. They conduct free webinars and assistance to all who are willing to learn from different expertise. 

Picture Story Telling below:

1001812_626981390654251_1680576559_n945175_626899197329137_517574870_n_webcamera360_2013072218045665268_626898890662501_945756310_n_webcamera360_20130722172842935038_626898483995875_274373714_n1013165_627000623985661_2074268476_n 1013568_627001253985598_17058585_n1017686_627003767318680_594315276_n 1069214_626982427320814_263703284_n1069867_627001103985613_211041302_n1069937_627000323985691_1782040517_n1075775_627003100652080_1111591695_nSAM_382321394_626907850661605_62192949_n21992_626998773985846_2030515278_n65268_626999457319111_1794422265_n173333_626900223995701_119603159_n971517_626900707328986_305548606_n971709_626911150661275_735499097_n1001081_626903937328663_1508689961_n1001520_626899887329068_1155525110_n1002315_626900990662291_834579744_n1002329_626912003994523_1959822136_n1005215_626903793995344_1838923652_n1012411_627000960652294_735002752_n
Let me give you a glimpse of our pictorial fun photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is us… and this is how we do it (job).


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