KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL 2013 – Davao City, Philippines

Once Again, Davao City has marked another milestone as it celebrates it’s Kadayawan Festival this year!. Join me as I take you to the different activities we enjoyed so much as we celebrate the bountiful harvest of the flagship fruits and flowers of DAVAO. Vast as such with utmost smiles on top of the scorching heat of the sun.


(It was indeed a beautiful day, because it was also my Birthday. And guess whose with me to give me greetings! I’ll reveal it below as you continue reading.)

Oh the smiles of these cute little ones made this Indak-Indak sa kadalanan so fun and exciting. This has been an annual routine of Davao which caters the talents of every Dabawenyos, as they showcase the Nature’s Bounty of the city. The pictures taken below are along the most busy street of C.M. Recto Avenue . This was participated by almost 50 schools all over Mindanao, from Children’s to Professional Categories.  The stunning costumes had filled the street different colors which made the over all presentation so enjoyable to watch.

Let our faces show how we had so much fun taking pictures while these pupils perform their Katutubong sayaw even without any shoes or slippers, just to perfectly portray the specific culture they are representing. Different cultures in different way of expressing bounty. From Abaca, to Corn, to Rice Grains, to Sto. Nino , Malong, Salakot and many more! Scroll Down and together we will enjoy the different cultures of Mindanao.

20796_10201177796184223_1348543515_n1004855_10201177799784313_358384858_n 1208740_10201177906466980_275600509_n 529103_10201177888506531_1213044932_n 531902_10201177904786938_1802134177_n 561537_10201177873546157_1924005785_n

Wait! there’s MORE! after , C.M. Recto we crossed the other way, and found these amazing dance groups also. Just imagine how long the parade ( Indak-Indak) was. From end to end, Claveria to Ponciano Street was filled! .. Di mahulugang karayum.

561866_10201177858945792_519688139_n 1003749_10201177889226549_949655036_n 1004855_10201177799784313_358384858_n 1098277_10201177861745862_804028729_n 1150256_10201177885586458_257639579_n 1151009_10201177853025644_1663527538_n 1173884_10201177802424379_2045314732_n 1174805_10201177863345902_2099523475_n 1175007_10201177857345752_64481606_n 1175232_10201177853985668_307918861_n 1176171_10201177855185698_785127081_n 1176295_10201177820584833_236379682_n 1185287_10201177929667560_743414628_n 1185687_10201177859825814_1208994296_n  

Of course, the celebration would be incomplete without the pose strategies with the Highlights of Kadayawan Festival – Indak- Indak Sa Kadalanan.

BUT!!! much to my surprise, there’s still MORE surprises to come, as the  Kapuso and Kapamilya Stars  joined the Float Parade during the Kadayawan Festival at Davao City, Philippines on the 18th of August – MY BIRTHDAY! Look who’s greeting me a Happy Birthday!!!

IMG_1464 IMG_1461
IMG_1423 IMG_1419

WAAAAAIIIT!  This is the huge factor why I have to BLOG this experience…look who’s staring at me!!!!GOSH! I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!! :* :*
IMG_1447 IMG_1442

It was a very memorable Birthday EVER! ’cause Enchong and Marco is greeting me at my Birthday (yeah , I know just don’t take it literally) . But just the thought of having an upclose vision of your SHOWBIZ CRUSHES, on your birthday is dang crazy!…We’ll so much for that, kilig moments, there’s still a lot to mention on that day, so I better keep going…

Of corz, the event wont be as funny if I’m not going to mention those funny moments as we are goofin’ around on the Street Dance

64503_10201177812024619_1068109727_n 1187275_10201177862425879_89528272_n 1176368_10201177928547532_215825205_n 1174903_10201177927827514_1218083432_n (1) 1157494_10201177882426379_1311083868_n 1150865_10201177824344927_903076144_n 1149028_10201177893426654_1669996281_n 1098144_10201177927027494_786054934_n 1005362_10201177911467105_403627098_n 1001417_10201177892666635_1119136418_n 1000598_10201177822424879_1048293799_n 999594_10201177819344802_1967027800_n 999105_10201177842145372_1973970234_n 998917_10201177890466580_593090361_n 994587_10201177891586608_1493010176_n 971266_10201177902066870_101395799_n 954680_10201177809504556_1187914666_n 537200_10201177925147447_1008423868_n 1185294_10201177810384578_700878670_n
Salamat sa mga makukulit na mga taong ito , which made this day so much fun. We shared joy and bloopers moments together. It won’t be as memorable as it is without the company of these people, Ahl Antoque , Allen Claire Oplas, Lucky Jones Resola , Kitchie Ross Ang and Lairen Reponte .  Thank you for our funny moments together and always!!! mwah! CHOW!

581814_10201177887706511_963809724_n 1003756_10201178157033244_1370406007_n 1005226_10201178156193223_827190390_n 1011652_10201177845905466_29396699_n 1098403_10201177850585583_392266468_n



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