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The Streets of Suriname: The Largest Wooden Cathedral in the World

It is believed to be nearly 31.50 % of the total population of the world is Christianity. And rest of the half is divided amongst different religions in the world. Let me take you to the Streets of Suriname: The Largest Wooden Cathedral in the World

As Christianity has widely spread everywhere, many places have built amazing designs of Churches base from various inspiration. I found this one of a kind masterpiece of Cathedral that was hailed The Largest Wooden Cathedral in the World. This Cathedral is Basilica of Saint Peter and Paul also called Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral. It is located in the center of the capital city of Paramaribo, Suriname.

The front view of St. Peter & Paul Cathedral

The cathedral celebrates Eucharistic mass in Dutch language since this is their national language. However, this cathedral doesn’t offer English mass.

But other churches such as St. Rosa Kerk offers English Mass for foreign people. Mass here is sometimes Saturday ( 7PM) or Sunday (11:45 AM). It makes me proud to say that most of the people who attend the english mass are mostly from my country, Philippines. The choir are all Filipinos as well. And the priest was always proud of them because they all have amazing voices. St. Rosa Kerk , a wooden churh as well, is located at PrincenStraat, Paramaribo Suriname.

St. Rosa Church, PrincenStraat Paramaribo Suriame

Take a tour around the streets of Suriname as we stopped by The Largest Wooden Cathedral in the World . Watch below!


Learning How to Swim: I have never thought I can do it!

For the record, I was already 27 when I earned how to swim. It will be best to start young, but it was never too late to start it when you are way older.

Here in Suriname, you have to travel more than 8 hours just to reach the bodies of the sea. So only pool resorts are the aids of learning how to swim. And only 1 was the nearest from where I stayed, @ Witte Lotus, Marowijne Straat. I grew up in a place where the sea is just 15 mins away, but never had the chance to learn how to do it.  Ironic isn’t it?

Well, that’s how life works. Maybe I was with wrong people to teach me how to do it.  Since I was working overseas, you tend to find activities that can be a little aid of homesickness & stress.  And swimming it is!

Because of my swimming buddies from Indonesia & Taiwan, I was able to manage how to control breathing, kick & paddle and a whole lot more. They were so patient with me. We go swimming every week ends. Well, it wasn’t a formal training, but it did help sooo much!

I’m sharing this experience not to brag about it ( ’cause there’s nothing to brag about my amateur swimming executions. lol )  but to show those people who are like, who was afraid to swim since existence. peace out guys! We can still do it at age 27! High Five!

Will keep posting swimming practices for more updates!

Learning How to Swim – week 1
This day was my 1st discovery that I was able to kick & paddle with out sinking from 3/4 side to side of the pool  ( 4 ft).

Learning How to Swim – week 2

Learning How to Swim – week 3

Learning How to Swim – week 4

Learning How to Swim – week 5

Colakreek Recreatiepark, Paramaribo, Suriname – A Taste of Black Water from the Caribbean

After a month of stay in Suriname, I have known that this country has black waters that they can be proud of. As we join this whole new group of diverse people speaking different language, we were happy to know that we are having a team building at Colakreek! It’s a good step to get along with people who are new to your circles.

It was a hot sunny day when we arrived. Later, more & more people are coming.


Colakreek Recreatiepark, located in the district of Para, is estimated 3 and a half hours away from the capital city – Paramaribo.  The park is surrounded by trees which gives cool breezing air and nice shades, perfect for relaxation and games.

Volleyball court.

Surinamese, as they call the local people, are fond of going there on repeated times.  But more so, foreign people who lived or were on a vacation in Suriname also loved to visit often.

Bus full of different nationalities going to Colakreek . Chinese, Taiwanese, Surinamese, Filipino, Indonesian, Ghanaian

Because of its dark brown creek water, the place was named ‘Colakreek’. Though the water is dark brown, it has nothing to do with its safety. The deep brown color caused by falling leaves and this process keeps the acid content of the water constant, so its basically safe for bathing. When you go deep down the surface, the soil is kinda pebbly but tiny sizes. It was cream in color, but because the water was darker, the water still appears dark.


Colakreek  has long before existed during the World War 2. But it wasn’t so long when they renovated it to a recreational park. Most of the swimming areas are man made. But the water are naturally static which I dunno where it comes from, but according to my local co-workers, it is from the rainforests.

Colakreek offers the following accommodations:

colakreek accomodations

  • Open Cabins: 25 pieces
  • Open Kampen: 3 pieces
  • Holiday Homes: 5 pieces

Additional attractions:


  • pedalos
  • water Hammocks
  • a Treehouse
  • Kids Sliding Rock
  • Children Slide Tunnel

A blackwater river is a type of river with a deep, slow-moving channel flowing through forested swamps or wetlands. As vegetation decays, tannins leach into the water, making a transparent, acidic water that is darkly stained, resembling tea or black coffee (source: wikipedia).

Just because it’s black doesn’t mean it’s dirty. It was one of my most memorable water experience in Suriname. Go experience it yourself! Have some taste of Black Water from the Caribbean.


The Player & The Baby Sitter (Short Story)

Title: The Player & The Baby Sitter ( A Wattpad Story)

Author: itsanntidote ⓒ

Danreb, who never take serious relationships, hired a baby sitter for his daughter, Anne. But will he keep a shady relationship as the days unveil the beauty of an American-Japanese girl who started a hard life in California?

How can LOVE changes choices…how can LOVE grows…How can their hearts meet mutual despite baggages and trials in the line. Will there’s  still be a happy ending behind the ugly truths unravelling?

LOVE is a universal language.  It is something felt unconditional described even without a single word. Journey with them as Aki struggle life and how it has maked a way to Danreb’s heart.

CHAPTER 1: A Beautiful Memory

CHAPTER 2: The Big Trouble at Taylor’s

CHAPTER 3: Touch Down California

CHAPTER 4: The Kidnap Plan

CHAPTER 5: Anne is Lost

CHAPTER 6: The Perfect Baby Sitter

CHAPTER 7: The Fast Money

CHAPTER 8: The Dirty Secret Money

CHAPTER 9: The Agreement

CHAPTER 10: The Unexpected

CHAPTER 11: The Mysterious Guy, Kaoru

CHAPTER 12: The First Kiss On The First Day Babby Sit

CHAPTER 13: The Father’s Wrath

CHAPTER 14:.The  Story Behind The Sunda Night With Kaoru

CHAPTER 15: Aki wtnessed a Steamy Making Out of Danreb

CHAPTER 16: Aki’s Secrets were Revealed

The next chapters will be linked soon, so don’t forget to subscribe 🙂

DIY ripped black skinny jeans

Here’s how I manage to do my own version of ripped jeans. Note that this is actually my first one so basically I didn’t know what are the necessary things to do, so I didn’t expect it to be perfect.

I got:

◽a pair of scissors (sharp one)

◽black skinny jeans ( I bought from UKAY-UKAY)

◽a spoon

What I did, I wore the tight jeans. Wearing it could give you a balance view to measure on where to rip the best part, since we have different likings to which part of the legs to show off. When identified, cut it from side to side or at any lenght you want. As to mine, I cut it althrough the front, at the knee part. I cut like 0.3 cm thick of the fabric and do the same with the other leg.

I added 2 more short cuts above the right knee rip to add more sassy style. You can add as much as you want if you wanted it more stylish. Just be careful, there should be no room for mistakes, every cut will never be undone.

After cutting, take it off. Scrape off the edges of the cut part using a spoon to produce  some tattered effect on the jeans.

And that’s it! In an instant, I got my DIY ripped black skinny jeans. So simple and it only costs me Php 115.


If you feel unsure of doing it correctly, better off try an old jeans or buy something from UKAY just as I did than trying directly on your signature pants. Practice makes perfect! Thanks for reading!


Querky Little thing called Hairagami

We we’re out to buy some groceries and I came accross this querky little thing called Hairagami. I saw it from a small stall selling lots of various fashion and fun accessories all at Php 20. This how it looks like:


I got interested with the thing so I bought one. The Hairagami was actually a hair accessory where it could style your hair on different rolls. It is actually  2 plastic thing inside a fabric, attached. If you press and fold its every end, the plastic rolls towards the center.

Along with it is an instruction pad how to use it. The front suggests different styles you can make. And the back part shows the instructions how to do it.


That night, I tried to use it. I rolled it up like a bun, its a messy bun though…and let it as is ’till I woke up the next day. And to my surprise, I had gorgeous curls after I unpinned the Hairagami out of my head. Let me show you the random curls.


This thing isn’t actually for curling. But will definitely curl after long hours of using. Let me show you my few tries on styling with the Hairagami. It isn’t the best yet, but will definitely get the hang of it.

Thanks for reading! If you happen to find this thing on the market, try to grab one, you’ll definitely enjoy your hair styling with it. Chow!

Fashionable Ukay-Ukay Picks

With everything I wear, I make it sure I’m comfortable with it whether it’s classic tees, shorts, jeans,casual to formal or corporate. I ain’t typical fashionista at all. Maybe because, I felt uneasy with getting too much attention with querky and too accessorized #ootd. I greatly prefer classic styles,not too printed and never revealing. I also got this thing on Korean Fashion. They’re just so me…loose and comfy.

Sadly, when we talk about fashion, it follows luxury these days. Clothings had risen its status quo where brand has been the value of fashion. Unfortunately,  those fashion-hooked years are during teens,and you are yet completely dependent with your parent’s income,where your fashion craves are the least priority, eh? But, keep your head up still. Fashionable wears can still be at hand with – UKAY UKAY!

Here are some reasons why I love to buy on UKAY- UKAY Shops:

✔Budget Friendly👛


✔You’ll never get to run into someone with the same outfit🚷

✔Quality-wise 🆗(Depending on brand)

✔Authentic items are available at LOW price👇

✔Most of my sizes are available❗👗

With most girls on their teenage years, they spend long hours switching and taking off clothes to wear on a Wednesday Free day, commonly called Wash Day on schools. I personally, hates to wear the same clothes every week during Wash days, even in a month. You are too, aren’t you? ( insert smirk).. Well, you feel me, I feel yah..

Good thing UKAY-UKAY Shops are available. For me, I don’t see it as dirty stores full of pre-loved items. They were just like my sister’s before, and since she grew up, it has to be passed on to a younger fit, and that’s me 😀 … yeah, I’m dead used to that situation. But there are actually good-as-new items with even price tags,too.

Let me share you some of my UKAY-UKAY picks of  early 2016:

#11458028649337Blouse:  Php 100 ( inside Waltermart, Calamba) ; Shorts: Php 30 (along Pedro Gil Ave. )

I love lace fabrics especially floral. It’s girly. The front was not actually revealing, because it has a black lining under. However the back part hasn’t, so I usually where this with a sweater.

The shorts are perfect for my body shape. It’s not too short, good size for petite ones like me. The style was good too since I’m not a fat ass type,so perfect to put some volume. lol

#2 1458028669628 Blouse:  Php 100 ( along Kalaw ave)

This blouse actually fit for semi-formal wears paired with a high heeled close shoes. The garterized bottom could hold the fabric up looking inserted whithout actually inserting it under your pants or skirt. Or you can just show it by dragging it down a little.

#31458028691628Blouse: Php 115 (Along Kalaw Ave) ; Shorts:  Php 20 ( Checkpoint Intersection)

The blouse was a chiffon type fabric. The color was my favorite. The folded lines and the ribbon are so classy. It fits for special occasions. The fabric really looked expensive. It has a Korean Brand, so I didn’t hesitate to grab it.

I really love shorts that actually looked like a skirt. It looked girly but it was actually safe for active motions. It’s really comfy. The color was actually nude. There might be some effects on camera taht it turned peach.


1458028620838Blouse: Php 100 ( along Kalaw Ave)

This is really my favorite above all. The fabric was soft and it has a good fit. The sleeves are perfect, not too tight, not too loose. The details of the fabric too is really amazing. The black accent on collar and end sleeve are synthetic leather. This one is like forever 21’s. The brand was in Chinese character. Perfect for corporate wear but it would go with any casual bottoms,too.

See that? If you only give ample time to search for your styles, you can actually find them on UKAY UKAY Shops. It doesn’t have to be that costly to be fashionable. Be more resourceful. It just takes You, and a little budget.

PS. This one is from a shop along Kalaw Ave, too:FB_IMG_1458060125839