Enchanted with Enchanted Kingdom

It has been almost 2 years that I have waited for this day. Funny how I lived in Laguna for those times and yet, I haven’t been to Enchanted Kingdom. People from across the country had actually pay plane tickets just to get here and I was like 30 mins away via jeepney+tricycle from the place.

Well, I really love to go there. I had several plans but never push trough. I was just waiting for the right company to push through the adventure. And today, I got one! Cheers to Ardee Mae, I was able to experience a very enchanting day at Enchanted Kingdom ( E.K.)!

Enhcnated Kingdom is located at Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Here are the details how we get there.

Starting from Crossing, Calamba terminal, we ride on a jeepney via Paseo, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The fare is Php 30.00. This will pass via SLEX. So I suggest to ride from here to avoid the heavy traffic.You can take other routes via National Highway, fare is Php 23.00 but would take more hours of travel due to traffic jam.

After we arrived at Paseo terminal, we had few steps to the National Highway to ride a tricycle to send us to Waltermart, kanto papuntang Enchanted Kingdom ( Fare: Php 16.00) . NOTE: don’t take special rides from Paseo Terminal, it cost you Php 150 from there to Enchanted Kingdom.

Then, when you get to Waltermart, on the right side facing the mall, you can find the tricycle on queue to send you to E.K. , fare is Php. 36.00 per ride. So you can divide the fare among your group.

The front parking is wide, and could accommodate a lot of family vehicles. 
The front parking is wide, and could accommodate a lot of family vehicles.

As you approached the entrance, you can see a life size statue of th E. K. Wizard. It’s a good spot to take photos. There are several gates on the entrance and there staffs going around to assist you with buying tickets, there are promos available there. Too bad I forgot to bring my School ID, students have discounts there.

For regular visitors – Php 600.00
For Juniors – Php 320.00
Students, seniors, pregnant women -20% Discount
*Groups has a special lane also. I think they’re giving discounts as well.

NOTE: Food is strictly not allowed inside. So you better keep it on your car or, make a good camouflage inside your bag or pockets so they won’t notice when checking upon the entrance gate.

When you get inside, ask for a map so you can track all the ride locations. We arrived there 11 am and already had our lunch at McDonalds, Waltermart.

We had our first stop at the Grand Carousel! It was my first time to ride in a carousel. It was a huge one so it can accommodate adults. And I really really enjoyed it!!

Grand Carousel

Next ride is the Roller Skate. Is like a mini roller coaster ride. It was a good warm up ride before going to extreme ones.


EKstreme Ride

After that breath-taking ride, we were ready to get crazy with EKstreme. It is a sudden drop ride from a very tall tower. While watching the ones getting ready for the ride, it felt really normal. Infact most of the waiting audience are laughing at those funny reaction before and after the ride. We all laugh at those who scares most even before it started. You could really see them screaming out loud as they were lift upward. And we all find it really funny. But, when turn comes next, you feel like throwing up as you get higher and higher. Well, you kinda enjoy the bird’s eye view. But when that click as a starting warn to drop sounds, that’s the time you will definitely  hold on your grip like its the last day of your life. Literally its breath taking. You became blank. You cannot even shout. At the moment when you reach down, you really get shocked. Gosh! I told myself not to do it again. Yes, definitely. So if you had a weak heart, high blood pressure, or phobias on heights, its dangerous to try.

From that very extreme experience, we challenged ourselves to get into the most extreme ride EK has – The Space Shuttle!

AT the entrance of the Space Shuttle
At the entrance of the Space Shuttle

At first, Ardee was hesitant to do it. It really sounds scary specially when you’re in line, ’cause you can hear that roaring sound on the ride at gone crazy on air, rolling your brains. It’s really scary. You can feel your nerves, but when you look at it positively, the ride is actually very very fun and exciting! Congratulations to us! we made it from that monstrous ride.






After the ride.
After the ride.
Ardee after the ride
Ardee after the ride.
Sorry the shot was from the back. But definitely He is JK.
Sorry the shot was from the back. But definitely He is JK.

When we got to the exit, we came across Juan Karlos, The Voice Season1 grand finalist. He was there too the wholeday, enjoying his VIP passes 🙂

The ride was hell scary, especially that backwards rolling, geez! You are like being dragged down in a twirling tunnel rapidly I couldn’t even remember if I was breathing the whole time, but it I would definitely try it again. That experience was really insane. Ardee was closing her eyes from the start,like literally. She looks funny, she was so scared but she did it! She was just screaming the whole ride. It helps! Whenever your riding with extreme coasters, screaming helps you get rid of throwing up.

It was few minutes passed 2 pm, perfect for Rio Grande ride. They open at 2 pm. Excitedly, we headed down there. This was the most fun ride for any ages. But, you must be the luckiest person to get out from it without a soaking wet pants and tees. Well, we were too confident to think we’re lucky enough, so we’re on it. And funny it is, I was wet all over. During the ride we cane accross a falls, and it poured me lots all over my body. There’s nothing I can do to move the circle thing we are riding since it just depends on the current. I never thought that huge splash from beginning, that already wet my shorts, was not the final wave yet.

Before the ride
Before the ride
After the ride

So we roam around EK wet. Well, that’s fine though, there’s lots like us walking wet on a sunny afternoon. Others are even more worst than me.



After few minutes of rest whiles trying to dry up some liquid, we stumbled on this perfect street. Where you feel like you are on some old streets of United States.

We wandered down the street and found a long line heading to the 4D Rio Movie Cinema.

The sun  was up so we thought falling in line isn’t much a good idea at the moment, so we had some walk west north of EK, and found lovely giant swans swimming on a man made lake.

Swan Lake 

I’m not talking about live giant swan here. They’re like aqua boats in swan designs. And we hurried to fall in line. It really looked so fun and relaxing, perfect for spending more time to dry up our clothes. However, when we get there, there were a lot of kiddos on the line already. It will not be a disaster though if there were time limit on riding the swans. And because most riders are kids and a guardian, tendency they move too slow and they took too much time ridding around since the kiddos are enjoying it much. Sadly, it took us almost an hour waiting for our turn. So we plan just to try it on for few minutes and hop in to other rides. This ride is quite good actualy, but the system is a thumbs DOWN.

We passed on a Jungle Log Jam on the West most of the place but seeing how it works I think it was just a combination of a little Rio Grande plus a little of Shuttle Space. It’s a roller coaster with splashing water. It could have been fun, but we thought its another waste of time hahaha!

So we looked for a more challenging ride… and so we found the Anchor’s Way! Indeed a very fun and scary ride as well. It was worth the very long line on queue. We didn’t took our captured photos since we looked dead funny right there.

The night is comming so we tried to look for something funny and relaxing to do. And eventually we found ourselves inside the 4D Theater – RIO .

Inside the 4D Cinema 

This is something that every visitor of EK should experience. This is for all ages, everybody will really love it here. The 3D experience had left us so much stories to tell. We repeatedly talked about our experience inside after the movie. Sooo much bloopers from Ardee. 😀

The laugh hang over from RIO 4D made us hungry a bit so we tried to find something to eat. After that simple dinner, we walked in to the nearest ride, which is this : (oops sorry I forgot the name)

Perfect tp ride here arpund 6-7 pm 

That ride was really perfect for and after meal activity. No bumpy or scream-filled moments. It feels like beside a seashore with continuous cool wind. It was already dark that time so the air was more cooler.

We thought that was the ride we can get. But luckily, it was a launching of EK’s GIant Christmas Lantern, so they extended an hour for everyone to enjoy the rides. And that was a great blessing for us to try their huge Ferris Wheel. The view from the top was just perfect. The lights around Sta. Rosa are amazingly visible. Unluckily, we ran out of battery so we’re not able to take some breathtaking bird’s-eye view. But we got an ant-eye view earlier of the day:

Enchnted Kingdom’s Wheel  of Fortune 

After that ride, we walked accross the Builderville where you can find little rides for juniors. We sat on some bench there popping our french fries. We thought that will be the last thing to do on EK, when we heard a lot of laughing from the side…it was a BUMP CAR.

It was the best actovoty to end our day. We had so much fun. Their cars run wild which really add much difficulty that actually made it really more fun.

Sooner the Encanted Kingdom will be closed. So, we headed the exit right away. We looked for a tricycle to ride us towards Target Mall. From there we took a jeepney heading Calamba, Laguna. That was already half pass the hour of 11PM. Good thing that there were still a lot of jeepneys we can ride back home.

Our feet might felt swollen from an exhausting foot activities, but it was definotely worth it. Go get your tickets now! Bring along a whole family to enjoy the place. It will be one of the best family day, for sure. Thanks for reading! Catch up more photos below from inside Enchanted Kingdom, Calamba Laguna:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you enjoy your visit,too. Just us we do.





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