Pursuit of Happiness

“The pursuit of  happiness is one of the world’s  greatest equalizers. Between our deadlines, appointments & responsibilities, we are all looking for the same simple things… time for our selves, room for growth,  and the love of people we care about. If we pay close attention, there are patterns leading to our happiness. The things that bring us the most contentment”  says a magazine (I forgot the name but it was Jennilyn Mercado on the cover)  as I was seating on a couch just a meter away from a reception area  filled with clean minty aroma, surrounded by kids pulling up their tabs (guess I was a little jealous, never had a chance when I was at their ages).  I was in a dental clinic, waiting my turn for an oral clean-up.

Patterns leading to our happiness.. pay close attention… greatest equalizers..  these words kept on whirling on my thoughts. Could this really be possible? I continued reading. It was brief & straight forward. Patterns that are simple yet manifest.


Could you count how many times you had your biggest smiles over an autograph from your most admired authors? Or after you have eaten your favourite dessert made by yourself? Or even from a sleepless night just to enjoy a world tour concert. There are still a bucket full of list. All these are patterns that lead you to your happiness- a walk towards a feeling of content. Yes, a walk instead… these can even be a baby steps. Slow as it is, a journey towards contentment doesn’t happen after a single event where the odds were on your favour. Not even on two, or thrice, or countless times. It is the significance that weighs more, than the quantity of happy moments experienced.


I’d like to share my personal experience of taking my long wish list appear to life. 2015 is a new set of adventures for me. It felt like in a cliff taking a huge leap of faith, chances and risks. I have gathered courage from every strength I have and the biggest part was from my family. I almost settled for an employment, but circumstances had pushed me to grow more and find wider horizons. My father suffered a mild stroke and  lost his memory.  We barely couldn’t handle it at first, but with God’s grace he was able to regain it slowly. However, it would cost us a huge amount for his maintenance. This has been my huge reminder that I should not settle for where I was before. I may have that feeling of content, but the people around me do not.


The idea of settling from an employment, was actually not the contentment that I thought. Paying close attention to the very gist of it, I was doing it more for my family.  Hence, I realized, to set aside my career objectivity and find more ways to help financially, for the love of my family. The latter is my best pursuit of taking patterns leading to my ultimate happiness.


Currently, I am pursuing a Nihonggo class. Humbly, I am looking forward to where this road would lead me as I journey with God and the pursuit of happiness..for the love of my family.


2 thoughts on “Pursuit of Happiness”

  1. God bless your journey towards contentment and happiness ann. I’m glad that you are where you want to be. Keep on praying. Mwah! :*

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