PALAWAN Island Hop: From Honda Bay to Cowrie, to Luli, to Snake, to Bat Island

Palawan has  been one of the country’s most tourist destination. The various spots they have, appeared to be so igniting for most. And I am not an exception. I, along with my SFC bros & sissies during the 2015 CFC-SFC International Conference in Palawan, have tried Island hopping.

Starting point for Island hops in Palawan is the HONDA BAY. Rented boats piled up there as their living. At Honda bay, you will register your names one by one and chose different routes for your Island Hopping. C360_2015-09-03-21-02-08-898During summer, ranging from April-May, Honda Bay is visited by humongous whales, locally called “Balyena”. Unfortunately,  it was February, so we got no whales-sight-seeing.

C360_2015-09-03-21-02-42-187You can choose a lot of bigger Islands as stop overs. Some even offers an over night stay. At the reception you will see a huge tarp for Islands across Palawan.

Before digging in to our super enjoyable adventure, let me show you some tips when getting there:

  1. Bring with you your jaw-dropping SWIM WEAR. When crossing around islands, you will have stop overs on some resorts. You will definitely love the waters…the white sand.. the tempting, that you can’t afford not to splurge yourself into the water.

    This isn’t jaw dropping, i dont wear jaw dropping two-piece..but you can 😉
  2. Don’t bring too much BAGGAGE. Keep in mind that you are stopping from one island to another. You’ll be carrying all your stuff with you every time.

    A petite bag is enough for a joy ride.
    A petite bag is enough for a joy ride.
  3. Of course, Cameras up the whole time. There are a lot of beautiful scenes althroughout the journey. So don’t ever ever forget cameras for your groufie!

    Groufie. On our way to Cowrie Island
    Groufie. On our way to Cowrie Island
  4.  Safety First.  Keep the journey always safe. Knock on wood, anything can happen in between, hence it is more important to keep safety precautions at all times.

    Consider safety at all times
    Consider safety at all times
  5.  And most importantly, be early. The Philippine Coast Guard there doesn’t allow tour beyond 1pm.

    Palawan Coast Guard
    Palawan Coast Guard

So much for those simple tips, let me show you the Ws of our adventure.

WHO I was with? The beautiful and handsome bros and sis from CFC-SFC Davao.

WHEN did I planned to travel here? This is actually a side trip after  our CFC-SFC International Conference held at Palawan Colisuem. We stayed there Friday eve to Monday morn. I actually booked the flight 9 months before the event. Too excited eh? Not really, I was opt for the Piso-Fare from Cebu Pacific Air. So lucky to pay only 1500 pesos for a two-way flight. It was a two-strike-answered-prayers; Palawan and ICON.

WHERE  did you hopped-and-stopped from Honday Bay? We first stopped at Cowrie Island. After that we came accros the Luli Island. Thereafter, we visited a turtle cottage,  and passed by the Snake Islet. I wasn’t sure about the Bat Island, I did not notice it but they said we have passed through it.

Lastly,  WHAT happened during the entire trip? This is such an interesting W of all. Let me start it with a nerve-wracking news just as we arrive from the dock at Honda Bay.


Hearing this,  we were stunned at our feet with our grips tightly on our ideals – swimming on the beautiful waters of Palawan. It was already passed the limit hour, almost 3 pm. Our hopes just died the second we were told about the regulation.

A staff would not want to issue us tickets since the Coast Guard would not allow any trip beyond the given time deadline. Who would’ve known, we were all not local residents.

We flew all the way from Davao, and me from Laguna just to be there. So  when our senses were gained, and our courage had gathered we rushed to the Coast Guard on duty and pleaded desperately .FB_IMG_1441121288586 Thanks to that macho one. He granted our plea. And so we rushed to the boats, before the permission could change.

While waiting for our boat patiently, we have discussed with the staff that we can not visit  all the islands since we have a short period to travel. FB_IMG_1441121457856It was prohibited to travel when night falls. So we chose Cowrie Island as a stop over and passed along other islands nearby.  Too excited for the trip, I was the first to step dauntlessly  towards the boat we  will be riding. That  very step of so much happiness that we were spared from that prohibitions. Just as we were settled, we wore our life jackets for safety precautions. FB_IMG_1441121499413The excitement was superb. And the gratitude was overflowing. THANK GOD,  He let us travel.  And so we embarked hearts ready!

It was quite a long ride going to the nearest Island – Cowrie, from Honda bay. Patiently, we waited until we finally got to see the resort from distant. Even  at far, the resort was so welcoming. The sand aren’t pebbly. The surrounding was clean. And the water – was crystal green. The color might be caused by the yellowish shade of white sand. There are no big waves at all. No jelly fish. The water was just so irresistable.C360_2015-09-03-20-57-26-353

Too excited, I hurried down and run towards the Cowrie welcome signboard. And we took a lot of pictures from there. FB_IMG_1441122304012FB_IMG_1441122262921

I remember the many times I tried floating using my sole refuge – life jacket! I enjoyed it so much! The sun wasn’t scorching hot. Just enough sunlight. The water was cold and calm. You can watch your foot under because of the clear water vision.

Kayak was also available for 100 pesos. One sister we were with, took a Free ride. She can’t swim due to her new rebonded hair so she pleaded kuya,  for a kayak ride. 🙂 Screenshot_2015-09-03-09-04-11_1

Other than Kayaking, Jetski is just around the corner. You can hop in easily and enjoy the vast space around Cowrie for 30 mins.  I forgot how much would cost to ride it, but as I remember it, it was expensive. Having no budget for a Jetski, we just hop in and pose for a picture-perfect selfie  🙂 .FB_IMG_1441122351685

Swimming at Cowrie was one most happiest days of my life. It was like eating my favorite Bulalo at Koorah-Koorah in Tagaytay .That feeling when you had so much satisfaction and it’s worth the price to pay for. Goofing around, we stumble and splurge like babies in the water. Screenshot_2015-09-03-09-00-27_1Well, every happy moments always has end, but it never stops. We headed back to our boat for a new adventure.  Second stop – Luli Island!

At first sight, Luli Island was small. It seems scattered. Only few cottages are there. But as we came closer, Luli was actually quite a huge space. Some parts are just under water. That time, the water level had raised and hid some parts of the Island. Hence it appeared a group of separate islets. Our tour guide had explained that the name was after it’s existence on low tide and inexistence on  high tide. “Lulubog-lilitaw ” as they call it. Hence the Island was named Luli. FB_IMG_1441122592061FB_IMG_1441122499040

After crossing Luli,  we came across a huge turtle inspired fisheries. We were not able to get nearer cause no one’s there to ask for permission of entry. It was believed to be a private property. The turtle hut was big and was an amazing work of art.C360_2015-09-03-20-06-07-209

It was quite a long ride before we reach the Snake Island. But it was never a dull moment together as we travel around the seas. We had a lot of groufies and selfies inside. And had seen a lot of views sooo pleasing to the eye. On the way, I was at the side part of the boat, the whole time.C360_2015-09-03-20-55-56-835 The cool breezy air pushing against my face was so refreshing. I have been in Laguna for quite a long period of time and I haven’t been back to seas for a while. Truly this trip had quenched my thirst for water adventures. Laguna was a good place to live in however you need to travel for 4 hours before you can reach the sea side of Southern Tagalog Region.

Before long, we finally reached the Snake Island. It was so called because of it’s snake figured land formation.

Snake Island by far.
Snake Island by far.

I was so curious Why it was called as such.  At the back of my mind, I was thinking of a blue lagoon surrounded by roughly grown Bakawan that has been a home of sea snakes. I was then too happy to see a beautiful Island with a unique shape. It doesn’t exactly look like a Snake from our point of vision since we viewed it horizontally.  Maybe by bird’s eye view, we will be able to see it more clearly that it was indeed a snake one Island.

The newly engaged couple at Snake Island.
The newly engaged couple at Snake Island.

The last one was Bat Island, where according to them, thousands and thousands of bats are hiding.  I did not notice that Island during the trip. Probably we just passed around it from a large distance. That’s why I didnt really recognize it. However you can check it out from our photos below if you could identify the Bat Island there. Check more images below for more of our enjoyable memoirs in Palawan.

Bro. Daddy & Sis Jasmine
Bro. Daddy & Sis Jasmine

On our way back, we were all in silence. Too sad to end the journey so soon. Some are taking pictures and bloopers discretely. Others are having a good “me time” just as me. But nothing sweeter for this couple who had a beautiful sleep together. It was a tiring day but its all worth it. We might have not gotten the chance to see other bigger Islands good for stop overs but thank God we still are able to make it despite the “RULE”. It was a beautiful and amazing gift from GOD…

Below are more photos for our Palawan Adventure. Photo credits: Hairel & Dadz


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