Greatness comes within

Photo by Nalphotography

Greatness Comes Within

Tiny thin ant maybe.
Shallow as the shattered dream.
Green Red White and Blue.
But Orange shines a shadow.

Tiny, thin ant maybe.
A physique non heavy.
But wait til you see
Fifty times my weigh,can carry.

I do not believe strength as a power
But a will to conquer.
I do not believe either in intelligence
But, again, WILL does.

My legs are short and thin
No wings, no paws, no gills.
Can’t roar ,can’t swim, can’t fly.
Not  even grass eaten.

But see? I have gone this far.
Strived to see what it feels like
To be on top, to be at stake
Against the blowing air .

I might be small
But i can be great
Just as any of you
Who have faith.

We can do great things out of how small we are
If we keep the Faith and believe.
If we keep the will to do it.
Let the fire burning from within.


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