In The Eyes of A Child

Photo by Nalphotography

In the eyes of a Child

Look closely.
A vivid innocence
Sweat as a morning dew.
A soft focus
Sight of a pure ideation.

Who could ever hate
These soft puffed chicks.
Lips so kissable
Untouched of the world’s beast.

Who could ever guess
How can they do best.
Where should they be heading.
Which way to cling.

This eyes do not deserve the truth.
Wishing them a perfect realm
Entitled to idealism.

But reality bites.
Can not be deserted.
These eyes will soon ponder
Grow wide and wider
Even the widest will be conquered.

Softness turn sharp.
Reasons has filled these kissable mouth.
Innocence turn vague
Teeth can bite back.

So i plead.
Let us keep them with love
Unfathomable as God’s.

Keep them follow
What ought to be us.
And not the “We”
Who rebel and fuss.

They’re our future
They’re our guards
To keep this world live
To keep it alive.
Tilting in its most convinience
Far from calamities and blood.

These eyes are the future decisions.
The final says of laws to pursue.
Provisions that are just and true.

Let us all be a good example
Let us all make it through
Keep them up and warming
For positive breakthroughs.



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