How to write a column

 How to write a column?

         Before discussing the details of a good Column writing, let us talk about “What is a column?” . A column is an article written by a Columnist.


           But I believe you don’t have to be a columnist in a news paper just to write a column. It’s an art of writing which is personality-driven. It features a thing/happening that are, most preferably facts, free from any misstatements or biases though primarily contains an opinion of the writer.

“How can it be free from biases, when it’s from an opinion?”

I wonder same thing. But that is definitely not a problem. You can always be objective with your opinion. Bring out the balance of ideas, presenting both views of pros and cons. With Good Column writing, you must possess the following, these are few but enough to create your own good Column;

Communicate well with your words – choose your words that best capture the interest of a reader, and not superfluous. Write as if talking to a person, casually.

Be Straightforward – always go straight to your point of view, don’t let your reader travel around a square when in fact there’s a hypotenuse.

Know your Topic very well – the knowledge on your issue being discussed doesn’t end with what, where and when. You should learn how, why, and how come. Information presented must be supported with facts and documents, so with sources of information. Get across all angles, don’t focus on 1 side of the issue. Draw an eagle eye on it. Wear a devil’s advocate to identify weakness/strengths of both sides of issue.

No conflict of Interest – As the question above suggest, how can this be possible when it’s actually personality driven? A conflict of interest is between two particulars, one could greatly affects the decision of the other. So beware of taking sides for an internal benefit. You took away Independence/Objectivity when there’s a conflict of interest.

Be Unique, Choose A good Topic – Plagiarism is one most to consider when writing an article. It must not be copied-pasted from other write-ups. And of course, a good catchy, timely topic discussed always plays an important role for your article to be interesting. We all wanted to read for entertainment, for new learning and new arguments that somehow stimulates us to react and to ponder.

These are just few but most necessary to be able to create a good Column . Remember always that when we throw our words, it’s ours. We are accountable of it. The responsibility lies every strokes of these alphabets. So be careful. This is not just writing yourself. It’s writing ideas. And yours might be negatively directing.

Speak-out! Share it. Who knows. Everybody’s loving it. All the best for all Columnist.


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