Get STartled

This is NOT getting started, this is getting Startled. I dunno why i get back blogging, (actually, pangphoto Album lng naman ang mga BLOGs ko, ever since eh).. Kasi Bored?

alter ego
Sometimes, getting bored leads you to a thousand thoughts…you wanted this and that…but ends up pushing back jaw, drawing out -“HOPE IT’S TRUE”

LIFE IS SHORT, we do what we want.. we say what we think..we LAUGH OUT LOUD..we hate, we dream..a cast streaming.. we LIVE..we LOVE.. BUT soon we forget..that’s why this BLOG would serve as a guide..leading me back to who i was. what i did. what i think to what i had BELIEVED..i would not want to forget..THIS BLOG would be a reminder… that life is SHORT.. MAKE IT SHORTER


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